Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big Hook Crochet

What if you need an emergency afghan? Don't laugh. It can happen.

First you grab a B-I-G hook. I mean an N, Q, or S. You'll use two or three strands of worsted-weight yarn held together or one of the bulky types now on the market.
You can use any pattern that comes easily to you. Measure the foundation chain and first row to make sure it's the width you want and just go until it's as long as you want.
There are patterns on the internet called "4 1/2 hour afghan" or "5 1/2 hour afghan". I found both at For another way to search patterns, you can use the word "quick" as in "quick crochet", but any pattern will do from simple single crochet (which looks pretty interesting done on a large hook) to ripple to a fancier pattern.
Hope you get to enjoy the process without any emergencies pushing you to get it done.

Happy crafting.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finger puppets

Tonight I thought it would be fun to look up crocheted puppets. Honestly, I thought I would find some hand puppet patterns - and maybe I didn't look far enough. (We'll check for them for next time.) http://www.crochetpatterncentral/directory/finger_puppets.php. gave me some wonderful, fun finger puppet patterns that are very fast and easy to make. My favorites are the Barack Obama and John McCain finger puppets, six Harry Potter characters, and one called George the Hairy Monster finger puppet. Dumbledore has a long, white beard and George the Hairy Monster is made from fun fur or eyelash yarn.
Maybe you can look them over and get some ideas of your own.
Happy crafting.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cold Floors

Winter. When I hit the bare floors with my bare feet, I know for certain which season it is. So maybe crocheting can provide me a remedy.

If you have any old clothes hiding in the back of the closet, you can cut them into strips. suggests that your fabric be cut on the bias so it won't ravel too much. Sew the ends of the strips together to give the best strength and the longest wear. Single crochet the rug in any shape that suits you. The oval ones are pleasant to look at but might not serve the purpose for which you are making it. For instance, I might be inclined to make a simple rectangle to lie in front of the sink. has patterns for using yarn to make rugs. There are dozens of patterns. Some have loops, or designs crocheted into the body of the work, or simple and fast ones.

If you want to try another type of craft with the same strips, you can try your hand at a braided rug or a simple woven rug. The library can furnish you with patterns and techniques for all of the above either in-house or borrowing from another library. has videos showing how to make rugs on looms or with braids, and shows how to make a braided rug lay flat.