Monday, June 24, 2013

How to Find the Pattern of Your Dreams

Do you have a project idea in mind, but don't know where to look for the pattern?  Here are some hints for your search.

I prefer to start with a book, partly because I can see the project in color and lay the page open to follow the stitches in each row. If I don't already have that book, the library is the place to look.  Our library has an excellent selection of knit and crochet books, because the person who does the ordering knits and her assistant crochets. lol

If the book you need is not in-house, we are part of a 101 (at the moment) library consortium with access to 6.6 million items. 

Let's just for one second imagine that you can't find what you want in that particular resource or that you are not part of a large library system. Where would you look next?

Check with the maker of your favorite brand of yarn.,,, and other yarn makers will provide you with free patterns. They might also sell you kits with yarn, pattern, and hook or needles, to do the whole project if you would like to do it that way.

If those sources don't offer the pattern you want, also look at,,, (pay for patterns), and many free craft websites.

If you go to Google Images and put in the pattern you are looking for, you will get pages of photos. Click on the one you like. You will probably be thrown to someone's blog. Many patterns are free, some are paid, some are just people saying, "See what I made!" In that case, the fun is mostly in the hunt, but you might also find the perfect pattern for your project.

If you are an avid crafter, you might want to start your own blog, posting your own pictures and patterns to help along the next person who is looking for assistance with their good idea.

Happy crafting,

Kathi Linz

Knit and Crocheted Cables

If you go to a free pattern place and enter "knitted cables" in the search box, you get tons of patterns.


Image of Two Sided Cable Scarf


Image of Lace And Cables Hat


Image of <font color=red>Cable</font> Ready Bag

Sweaters, shawls, vests, afghans, baby blankets, ... Phew!


If you're looking for crocheted cables, good luck!

There are a few patterns to try your hand at.

Image of Celtic Afghan

Holiday Cables Throw

Red Heart Yarn has a video that shows you how to make crocheted cable stitches in case you're a visual learner.

These are the places I can use to post photos. Please, if you are looking for a certain kind of pattern, also look at,,, (pay for patterns), and many free craft websites.

Happy crafting,


Diagonal Granny Afghan

I was looking for something else - never mind what - when I came across this beautiful pattern! 
Lion Brand Yarn posts this as a wedding afghan. I also like the technique for alternating rows of complementary colors or making fewer squares for a baby blanket.

Image of Diagonal Granny Afghan

Happy crafting,

Kathi Linz

Monday, June 17, 2013

More Knit and Crocheted Food

If I wanted to lose weight, would it be better to remove those items that make me think of fattening food, or would I want to look at those things in an inedible version?

Chocolate Pie & Ice Cream

Would this help you stay on your diet or would it trip you up?  Is knitted and crocheted food given as a gag gift to someone?  Kept for decoration like wax fruit? Used as avoidance therapy? 

Image of Amigurumi Doughnut

Image of Red Velvet Ribbon Cake

How about a knitted red velvet cake?

Image of Jumbo Burger

And speaking of wax fruit, how about a crocheted apple?

Image of Amigurumi Apple

Image of Corn on the Cob

Image of Thirst Quencher Drink Can

I would love to hear an answer if anyone has made amigurumi food. Did you make it for someone else or as play food for the kids or...?

Thanks for letting me know.

Happy crafting,


Summer and Yarnwork

This is not the time of year for making large, warm afghans that lay all over your lap while you work.  This is the time of year for knitting or crocheting small things that don't make you think of more heat.

You could work on some amigurumi or mochi mochi toys for gifts or ornaments if you really want to get ahead for the holidays. And the library has a number of good books with patterns to get you started.

Lion Brand Yarn has some really cute patterns. This one is for knitters. The sheep has cabling.

Image of Cabled  Sheep

Perhaps something for someone who wants an angry bird?

Image of Amigurumi Parrot

You might want to turn out a pair of slipper or two for yourself or for the little ones in your life.

Image of Candy Color Booties

Image of Felted Mary Jane Scuffs

Slippers for Her

Here is a pair with a little more decoration by Red Heart Yarn.

Or some "cottage slippers" in crochet.

Cottage Slippers

I hope this warms up your ideas for some fun summer projects.

Happy crafting.

Kathi Linz

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Crochet Book

Hurray, crocheters! We have a new book of crochet patterns.  This one is called Crochet a Zoo: Fun Toys for Baby and You by Megan Kreiner.

There are fifteen animals  to crochet from giraffes to monkeys.  The momma kangaroo has a pouch for her little joey. The one I want to do first is the penguin, although the harp seal is as cute as can be.

The book will be in the New Books section for a couple of months before moving to the crochet section.

Happy crafting,

Kathi Linz

Monday, June 3, 2013

Remember the Days...

I wasn't much of a hippie or flower child back in the day, but I did like crafting my own clothes. I sewed trim on my bell-bottoms and crocheted granny square afghans and ponchos.

Doesn't this take you back?

Image of Posh Poncho & Granny Square Bag
Lion Brand Yarn has the pattern.

Granny Motif Vest  (Red Heart yarn)

Mushrooms were all the rage:

Image of Mushroom Potholder (Lion Brand Yarn)

Image of Retro Tie Belt

And everything was beaded.
(Lion Brand Yarn)

I had to look hard to find a retro knitting pattern as granny squares and crocheted stripes were the uniform of the day.

Chevron Cape (Red Heart yarn)

I hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane and were inspired to make something a little retro.

Happy crafting,

Kathi Linz

Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Knitting Books at the Library

We have a couple of new books at the library - one for knitters and one for loom knitters.

Knitting Know-How: Techniques, Lessons and Projects for Every Knitter's Library by Dorothy T. Ratigan and Judith Durant explains the basics about knitting. It includes tools, materials, reading patterns and charts, stiches, shaping, edging, decorative knitting and special stitches, and how to make garments.

Loom Knitting for Babies and Toddlers: 30 Easy No-Needle Designs by Isela Phelps contains some perfectly wonderful projects. You would swear they were knitted on needles by the look of them. Isela Phelps is one of the go-to authors for loom knitting.

And here's an extra book for you crafters just for fun.

Return of the Stupid Sock Creatures: Evolutions, Mutations, and Other Creations by John Murphy explains the basics of creating creatures out of socks and gives 19 wild and wonderful projects including a push-me-pull-you/cat-dog kind of creature. If you feel like taking a short break from your yarn projects, this might be just the book for you.

Happy crafting,