Monday, December 17, 2012

More Christmas Ornaments

We're almost up to Christmas.  Hopefully your tree doesn't have any bare spots, but just in case there are a couple of branches to fill in or maybe a hand-crocheted ornament would be the very thing for your friend or neighbor's present, here are a few ideas.

Image of Crocheted Finial Ornaments

Crocheted finial ornaments by Lion Brand Yarn:

Image of Stocking and Mitten Ornaments

Little tiny knitted mittens and stockings.  How cute!

Image of Dreidel Catnip Pet Toy

This knitted dreidel is just a shade late for this year's Chanukah.

May your holiday season be the best you've ever had, and may you have some time to relax with your yarny projects.

Happy crafting,


Monday, December 10, 2012

Mitered Squares

I believe when most yarn artists hear the term "mitered squares", they think of knitting.  I remember seeing patterns for knitted mitered afghans before I saw anything like it for crocheting.

The knitted ones start with the long edge and decrease into the center point at the other end of the square.  Squares build off of previous squares so you do not need to sew anything together at the end.

Image of Mitered Knit Baby Blanket

Image of Colorful Mitered Afghan

Lion Brand Yarn patterns have the crocheted mitering work from the long edge to the middle point just like it is in the knitted version.  However, these squares are made separately and then sewn together when they are finished.

In other places such as Ravelry, I've found crocheted mitered squares made from the small point and using increases to work out to the longer edge.  These also must be sewn together at the end of the project.

Tunisian crochet, being a craft that combines knit and crochet, works the stitches in much the same way as knitted mitered squares.  Each block is built on the previous row, the long edge is done first, and the rows decrease until they come to the opposite point.  They can be done row by row or from the center out.  I don't have the permissions I need to post a picture of this type , but they can easily be found in Google images as mentioned in previous posts.

If you prefer loom knitting, I found this website with a tutorial on mitering squares on a knitting loom:

Happy crafting,


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Warm Feet for the Holidays

We've had a few cold snaps this fall - nothing that's been long-lasting - but you can tell winter is lurking in the wings.  I don't mind being cool, except when it comes to my feet.  I like warm feet.

I've found some slipper patterns that can be made by yarn workers of each type and for many sizes.

This one is crocheted for babies.

Image of Candy Color Booties

This one is crocheted for adults.
Image of Fringy Crochet Slippers

Here are two knitted booty patterns.
Image of Booties

Image of Ruby Slippers

And knitted for adults.
Image of Felted Mary Jane Scuffs

Image of Felted Slip Ons

Loom knitting makes warm slippers too.

Image of Loom-Knit Chunky Footies

Men's slippers
Image of Loom-Knit Men's Cabin Slippers

These patterns are all from Lion Brand Yarn.  For more ideas, patterns, and designs, remember to check out,,, and other yarn craft websites and blogs.  One way to find exactly what you are looking for is to go to Google Images and type in knit slippers, or crochet slippers, or loom knit slippers.  Pictures will come up on the page and you can choose which you like best.  Click on the one you like and you will be taken to the website or blog where you will (not always) most likely find the pattern you are looking for.

Happy crafting - and keep those feet warm,