Monday, November 26, 2012

Two New Knitting Books

The library recently got two new knitting books.

The Sock Knitter's Handbook: Expert Advice, Tips, & Tricks by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott and Knit Step by Step: More Than 150 Techniques and Stitch Patterns with 10 Easy Projects by Vikki Haffenden and Frederica Patmore.

If you are handy with a pair or needles, these might be something you want to explore.


Christmas Ornament Ideas

Happy Holiday Season!

Knitters first this time.  You seem to get more patterns for little stockings.  There are a few examples:

Image of Stocking Ornament With Tree

Image of Glam Stocking Ornament

Image of Garter Cuff Stocking Ornament

(I'll look for more ideas in the next blog post.)

Crocheters, here are a couple for you.

Image of Poinsettia Ornament

Image of Little Bird Ornament

Image of Flower Ornament

Here are a couple of patterns for those who neither knit nor crochet.  These balls are woven - wrapped with yarn and then woven with a needle across the strands.

Image of Yarn Crafted Ornaments

Image of Wrapped Star Ornaments

This one is good to try with little ones.  They can personalize the family tree with something they were able to help make.

As always, you will find more patterns in,,, and any number of other craft websites and blogs.

One good way to find exactly what you have in mind is to go to Google Images, type in the project you want to work on and look at the pictures that come up.  If you click on one of the pictures, it will link you to the website or blog which will hopefully have the pattern for you to use.

I hope these ideas get you in the mood for the uncoming holidays.

Happy crafting.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Getting Ahead for Christmas

I'll be posting small ornament and gift ideas after Thanksgiving, but I found this pretty crocheted afghan that might take a bit longer to work up.

Home for the Holidays Afghan by Lion Brand Yarn

In case you need the pattern for this granny square afghan, it is

This struck me as being very festive. 

Or maybe you would like to deck Santa helpers in Christmas cheer.

Image of Santa Claus Hat

Santa Claus hat

Santa Claus mittens

Santa Claus scarf

Happy crafting.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Something A Little Different

The library recently acquired three new books on weaving.  While this blog is basically for knitting and crocheting, I thought maybe there were those of you who branch out on occasion to some of the other yarn arts.

If you have a table (or larger) loom, you might want to check out these two books:

Pattern Weaving: Basics for the Handloom by Rabbit Goody
and Simple Weaves: Over 30 Classic Patterns and Fresh New Styles by Birgitta Bengtsson Bjork and Tina Ignell

If you have an interest in inkle weaving - making bands and sashes - you might want to see this book, The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory by Anne Dixon.  This book goes beyond the basic patterns and shows how to do pick up weaving for fancier patterns.

Happy crafting,


Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Recent Projects

Lap robe for hospice

Doll blanket

Round doll blanket
Photo: And a baby blanket for my neighbor.

Baby blanket

Photo: Green prayer shawl for hospice.

Prayer shawl for hospice

Photo: This one is knitted.

Lap robe for hospice - knitted

Photo: This is a rose trellis prayer shawl. (pun intended)

Rose trellis pattern prayer shawl

Photo: Here is a brown lap robe for hospice.

Lap robe for hospice

Please remember to share something with those who need comfort or support this holiday season.

Happy crafting.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cool Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is  a much-loved, but often overlooked holiday.  We don't shop for Thanksgiving gifts or sing Thanksgiving carols.  But we can decorate for the season.  Here are a few ideas.

If you have guests who will be setting their drinks down in common areas, here is a way to help them recognize their glass when they come back to it.  You can make little individual decoration to tie to each glass.  All your guests have to do is remeber which design or color was on their stem or handle.

Image of Fall Wineglass Decorations

This pattern is from Lion Brand Yarns, but there are many color options and designs to choose from even if you only knit or crochet small shapes in different colors.

Image of Pumpkin Pie Brooch

Okay, so I might not wear one of these, but there are those who would find this to be the perfect accessory for the holiday.

If you have a little more time and want to knit a lovely centerpiece for your festive table, this might tickle your fancy.

Image of Fall Wreath

Or the crocheters among you might prefer something like this.

Image of Thanksgiving Gourds

If you would like to knit or crochet a turkey or other Thanksgiving decorations, may I suggest for some fun patterns for the season.

Happy crafting,


Heading into Winter

Now that there's a bit of a bite to the air, doesn't this look cozy?  I love making useful things out of scrap yarn, and this looks like a perfect way to use it.

This one is for the crocheters (from Lion Brand Yarn).

Image of Iconic Ripple Hat And Scarf

A very fast one for knitters done on size 50 needles.

Image of Projects Made Simple Knit Scarf

Personally, as a crocheter, I would use size 50 needles to make broomstick lace. 

This is easier than it looks.  You can find tutorials on various websites and blogs or on Youtube.  If you have an interest in learning to do this particular technique, please bring yarn, a J or K crochet hook, and a size 50 knitting needle - you only need one needle - to the Knit and Crochet Night meetings on the second and fourth Thursday of the month at 6:30.  I will be happy to show you.

Happy crafting.