Monday, October 15, 2012

Crochet Bangles

Maybe you know a girl who likes to wear bangles.  I found this idea on the internet.  While I don't have permission to repost the picture, you could see it  and find the pattern by putting "Sprite bangles" in the search bar.

The way they described making the bangles is to take a 2-liter plastic bottle and cut rings 3/4 inch wide.  Make sure the edges are smooth so as not to snag the yarn or you.

Crochet narrow strips of single crochet in any color to the same size as the rings.  You make a strip for the outside and one for the inside and then whipstitch or single crochet them together. 

That's it!  I believe my grand-niece would like a couple for Christmas.

Happy crafting.


Knitting Class for Prisoners

We know how relaxing and theraputic knitting and crocheting can be on a tough day.  There's something soothing about turning yarn into something beautiful and useful.

One lady decided to try teaching men prisoners how to knit.  Here's the story about how that experiment turned out:

Makes you think there are more possibilities than we've considered before, doesn't it?

Happy crafting,


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Some Recent Crochet Projects

Here are a few shawls and laprobes that will be donated to hospice around Valentine's Day.

I hope this inspires you to make something comforting for your favorite cause.

Happy crafting,


Photo: Here's one of the shawls I'm working on for hospice.  It also happens to be my favorite so far.

Photo: Here's the latest prayer shawl going to hospice.

Photo: A lap robe for a gentleman in hospice care.

Photo: V-stitch prayer shawl.  I wanted to make one a week until Valentine's Day.  At the moment, I seem to be averaging twice that many.  We'll see if I can keep that up.

Yarn Ornaments

Image of Holiday Ball Ornaments

I'm on a scrap yarn spree lately.  Here's an interesting idea to get you ahead for the holidays.

This ornament is neither knit nor crochet.  You wrap a styrofoam ball in yarn and then glue pretty little oddments to it.  What a great way to use the last bits of yarn from another project.  They would even be fun gifts to make for friends and neighbors.

Happy crafting,


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crocheted iPad Cover

Image of Crochet iPad Cover

It seems like almost everyone has an iPad, Kindle, Nook, or some kind of ereader nowadays.  This pattern makes a quick Christmas gift for your family and friends who are technology carriers.

You will want to make sure your gauge is correct for this pattern so that it will fit nicely.

Happy crafting,


Baby Cocoons

Image of Sweet Dreams Baby Cocoon and Hat Set

Image of Lullaby and Goodnight Baby Cocoon and Hat Set

Doesn't this look so warm and cozy for the cooler weather to come?  Lion Brand Yarn has these two patterns for knitters.  Both are listed as easy.

Image of Candy Color Booties

Here's an easy baby booty pattern for crocheters.

Happy crafting,