Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cleaning Up

'Tis the season to scrub the grill, clean up after a graduation party, wash up pots and pans after the family reunion, and other fun events.

Scrubbies and washcloths are quick and easy to make. Some are even cute. Try out one of these patterns to sit next to your sink or grill.

Fancy Flower Scrubber

Clean in Stripes Dishcloth

Image of Serene Spa Washcloth

Image of Apple Slice Tawashi Scrubber

Hope you have a great cook-out. Happy crafting,

Kathi Linz

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Modern Baby Patterns

Babies today seem to be bundled in bright colors and spashy patterns. Here are some ideas for a vibrant baby's room.

Image of Patchwork Girlie Throw;ss=

Image of Bright Hexagon Blanket

Image of Pop Art Baby Afghan

Image of Confetti Color Blanket

Image of Checkerboard Blanket

Image of Starboard Throw

Image of Lemon Squeezy Stroller Blanket

Put a little color in that baby's life.

Happy crafting,
Kathi Linz

Blankets for That Special Baby

Spring is the time to think of new life - flowers, puppies, chickens, and babies. If you have someone new to knit for or crochet, here are some blanket patterns to keep the little one warm.

Crocheted blankets

Cuddle Me Blanket

Patriotic Hexagon Baby Blanket

6 sided blanket

Lions and Tigers and Bears Blanket

Lions and tigers and bears

Knitted blankets

Carry Along Cuddle Blanket

Baby Blocks Blanket and Hat Set

Baby Boy Chevron Blanket

I hope these ideas spark your creativity.
Happy crafting,

Kathi Linz

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fast Valentine's Projects

Image of Warm Heart Cup Cozy

Best buds coffee cup cozies

Do you need a quick project for someone special in your life? Valentine's Day is coming right up. I'll post some ideas that don't take a lot of time, but still show your heart is in the right place.

Image of Valentine's Day Gift Bag

A little crocheted gift bag

Image of Heart Key Chain

Crocheted Key Chain Decoration

Image of Heartfelt Phone Cozy

Crocheted Phone Cozy

Image of Cabled Heart Boot Cuff

Knit Cabled Heart Boot Cuff

Image of Tricolor Scarf

Knitted Scarf

Happy crafting,


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hearts and Warm Things

Valentine's Day is not too far off.  Maybe you would like to knit or crochet a little something for a special person in your life. Here are a few of the books we have at the library to help you with your project:

We have scads of books to help with knit and crochet ideas and patterns, as well as books with many other crafts to help you make your special days even better.

Happy crafting,


Almost Superbowl

The contestants for the Super Bowl are raring to go and I'll be you're having people over to watch the game. Besides getting all the snacks ready, maybe you'd like to decorate the table just a bit.

Image of Knit Placemats and Crochet Napkin Rings
Knit Placemats and Crochet Napkin Rings

Maybe you can make them in the colors of the team you hope will win!

And here are a couple of coaster patterns for those drinks.

Single Square Coasters

Snowflake Coasters

Happy crafting,