Saturday, May 29, 2010

Super Bowl Scarves

The Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee would like to make a request of local knitters and crocheters. They want 8,000 hand-knit or -crocheted scarves for their Super Bowl XLVI volunteers.

The scarves should be in white and royal blue, between 6" and 8" and at least 70" long. If you want to include a picture in your pattern, please make it a generic symbol like a football, but no team logos.

The website has pattern instructions (although they only ask that the stitch you use be good for men or women) and mailing instructions.

Thanks in advance for all of you who take this on.

Happy crafting,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Carry-Along Crochet

It's starting to warm up and travel is in the air.

For those of you who don't put that crochet hook down in favor of gardening and yardwork, here is a light, piecework idea that is more portable than an unfinished afghan.

At the last Crochet Klatch meeting, I had a request for a doily pattern. If you don't mind working with a smaller hook and fine cotton thread, a doily is lightweight and airy. It won't make your lap hot while you work. has several doily patterns. Usually, this is my go-to website for excellent crochet patterns, but I was surprised to find a different site with over 300 doily patterns. Check out for a truly excellent selection. You'll find lots more than just the traditional pineapple design.

Happy crafting.