Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hearts and Warm Things

Valentine's Day is not too far off.  Maybe you would like to knit or crochet a little something for a special person in your life. Here are a few of the books we have at the library to help you with your project:

We have scads of books to help with knit and crochet ideas and patterns, as well as books with many other crafts to help you make your special days even better.

Happy crafting,


Almost Superbowl

The contestants for the Super Bowl are raring to go and I'll be you're having people over to watch the game. Besides getting all the snacks ready, maybe you'd like to decorate the table just a bit.

Image of Knit Placemats and Crochet Napkin Rings
Knit Placemats and Crochet Napkin Rings

Maybe you can make them in the colors of the team you hope will win!

And here are a couple of coaster patterns for those drinks.

Single Square Coasters

Snowflake Coasters

Happy crafting,