Monday, June 17, 2013

More Knit and Crocheted Food

If I wanted to lose weight, would it be better to remove those items that make me think of fattening food, or would I want to look at those things in an inedible version?

Chocolate Pie & Ice Cream

Would this help you stay on your diet or would it trip you up?  Is knitted and crocheted food given as a gag gift to someone?  Kept for decoration like wax fruit? Used as avoidance therapy? 

Image of Amigurumi Doughnut

Image of Red Velvet Ribbon Cake

How about a knitted red velvet cake?

Image of Jumbo Burger

And speaking of wax fruit, how about a crocheted apple?

Image of Amigurumi Apple

Image of Corn on the Cob

Image of Thirst Quencher Drink Can

I would love to hear an answer if anyone has made amigurumi food. Did you make it for someone else or as play food for the kids or...?

Thanks for letting me know.

Happy crafting,


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