Monday, May 13, 2013

Baby Christening or Party Patterns for Babies

Is there a newborn in your family about to be christened?  Would you be interested in making an outfit for the baby which might very well become a family heirloom for several generations? 
Try one of these patterns from the Lion Brand Yarn website.

Image of Crocheted Christening Gown And Bonnet

This one is for the crocheters. The pattern suggests that you have intermediate experience before tackling this pattern.

Image of Knit Christening Gown And Bonnet

An experienced knitter can make a christening gown like this one.

This is so cute for a party dress, that it almost makes me want to get better at knitting.

Image of Party Girl Dress

This is supposed to be a little easier to knit than the christening gown. If you consider yourself to be of at least intermediate skill, you can knit this for your precious little one.

Happy crafting,

Kathi Linz

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