Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just in Time for Halloween

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We have a new knitting book on its way to the New Book shelves

Knit Your Own Zombie: Over 1,000 Combinations to Rip 'n' Reassemble for Horrifying Results by Fiona Goble.

This is so new, it's still in cataloging, but I've been notified that it is in the building.

Here are the topics in the book:

Your workbox -- Yarns and other stuff you need -- The guts of the matter -- Shape shifting -- Joining -- The finishing line -- Reanimating your zombies -- Classic zombie -- Frankenstein's monster -- Zombie cop -- Zombie mashup : village idiot -- Zombie fatale -- Dracula -- Zombie mashup : mother of the bride -- Zombie chef -- Zombie mashup : biker chick zombie -- Zombie grave digger -- Zombie rock star -- Zombie mashup : yoga zombie -- The mummy.

Come and check it out.

Happy crafting,

Kathi Linz

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